Our Key Modules

Cloud HR Console: All- Inclusive Task Automation | Agile | Responsive | Scalable.

End-to-end Cloud based HR & Employee Console


  • Time & Attendance
    Attendance & Leaves

    Cloud HR Console saves time with automate attendance management process and intuitive bio metric api system.

  • Payroll Solution
    Payroll Automation

    Cloud HR Console provide automate payroll process to makes it fast, smart, easy and accurate tax calculation.

  • Mobile
    Mobile Responsive

    Cloud HR Console is mobile responsive available for both Windows, iOS and Android devices with high Performance and User friendly

  • Self Service
    Employee Console

    Cloud HR Console is the new standard in compliant, paperless onboarding that takes care of your entire employee, all in one place.

Simplify and Paperless

Cloud HR Console - A Complete EMS Software!


Cloud based Employee Management Software!

Cloud HR Console is a automation system that makes it one of the recommended cloud based EMS solution through out the world. Enjoy Paperless, Scalable and Streamlined employeee processing. The cloud technology is growing rapidly and now it’s right time for HR to embrace new systems for employee engagement and communication. Our system is designed to be user friendly and easy to configure, and is completely reliable all organizations. All-in-one HR Software that covers entirely from "Hire" to "Retire"!

Why choose Cloud HR Console ?

6 Reasons Cloud HR Console is your Perfect Employee Management Software.


Auto Calculation Earning & Deductions

  • Auto tax calculations-
  • Error-free salary calculation-
  • Benefits calculations-

Employee Console

  • Empower employees-
  • Windows,Android & iOS-
  • Easy leave & travel management-

Automated Time Tracking

  • Daily smart time tracking-
  • Easy timesheet management-
  • Biometric integration-
Payroll Software

User-defined Reports

  • -Customizable daily reports
  • -Real-time analytics
  • -Import & Export

24/7 Cloud Control

  • -Cloud Server
  • -99.99% Uptime
  • -Mobile Responsive

Integrations Secure Storage

  • -High end data security
  • -Cloud Hosting Platform
  • -Background check tool

Customer Story

Why Customers love Cloud HR Console


"“We started using Cloud HR Console in 2017 with 300 users, and they have provided us with an incredible HR & Employee Management experience. Their payroll management features have helped us get rid of paperwork and inaccuracy issues. We pay our employee's hourly basis and Cloud HR Console has done it very effectively by the means of time tracking payout. We are now able to monitor attendance, track leaves and enjoy various other features. The complete system is easy and automated, Paperless and saves HR, Manager & Team Leaders time to have the track of our employees . If you want to save time, effort and money, look no further. Go for Cloud HR Console without any hesitation!” "

HR Head, Xonobics IT Services

"“We have had a wonderful experience since we began working with Cloud HR Console. Setting up over a convenient, accurate and a cost effective Employee Management system is a challenge that most startups face. However, by using Cloud HR Console we have been able to set up a user-friendly system that allows us to track attendance and leaves , monthly payroll process, Training and many more exciting features that reduced our costs and paperwork. Using Cloud HR Console has not only helped make the whole process efficient, but also extremely hassle-free. We are glad to be aboard!”"

CEO, GP Tax Solutions Private Limited

"Cloud HR Console makes onboarding feel personal and custom branded. The application considers the end user experience as much as the back end process, and that is why they stood out from the others.” "

CEO, Netpro Systems Inc

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