Attendance Management System

Enjoy automated and error-free attendance management with our intuitive attendance tracking software.

Attendance Management System

Time & Attendance Software

Define Attendance Policy!

With Cloud HR Console’s time & attendance software, you can manage and create work shifts, define attendance policy, track employees in and out timings, track work-from-home hours and a lot more even when you are on the run.

Online Attendance System

Employee Timesheet Management at your Fingertips!

One of the most prominent advantages of Cloud HR Console’s biometric time attendance system is improved employee management at your fingertips, since it automates the entire payroll and HR related processes saving your HR personnel a great deal of time and efforts. Most importantly, there won’t be any delays and hassles in generating timesheets.

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Biometric Attendance Software

Biometric data tracking made easy!

Save your HR crew from the nightmares of timesheet rectifications with our employee attendance system. Get rid of payroll inaccuracies and redundancies, since our biometric attendance system supports robust integration with plethora of biometric and other time tracking systems saving your HR personnel from managing attendance and time manually.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Easy to Understand Graphical Charts!

Cloud HR Console’s time & employee attendance software gives you easy-to-understand graphical charts pertaining to an employee’s attendance stats. The software also lets you create and import custom attendance reports for individual employees.