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Cloud HR Console is an end-to-end HR and payroll solution offering unmatched scalability and mobility! Navigate, update and manage all your quintessential HR and payroll data on the run with Cloud HR Console! A perfect companion for automated payroll processing!

White Papers for  Human Resource Professionals

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    Onboarding from Scratch

    IT Services

    Onboarding from Scratch is the first of three papers that will help you reduce cost of hire, decrease turnover, and increase employee retention through onboarding.

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    Making Cloud-based technology work for you

    Human Resources

    Cloud Improves HR Processes, the final paper in a series focused on onboarding,you will learn how cloud technology benefits not only onboarding processes!

Single Centralized & Records System

Welcome new hires with a customized portal that includes messaging, videos, content, and documents specifically for them. As an HR admin, you can customize the onboarding workflow and checklist any way you please.

Multi-Level Security

Customize security protocols and control user access. Protect the safety and privacy of each employee while ensuring the internal security of your firm. We'll also keep your data safe behind multi-vendor firewalls, application-aware perimeter network, and replicating your data to our DR site in real-time. All so you can sleep peacefully at night.