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Join now and start earning through the Cloud HR Console Partnership Program!

We invite you to be part of this cloud revolution to grow and sustain your businesses during this key turnaround in the software industry.

“Cloud / SaaS adoption is tremendously increasing in India. It’s steadily replacing the present business model of hardware and software purchase. Partnering with Cloud HR Console will enable you to be an early mover and grab a great opportunity in the cloud applications reseller space.”


Benefits of the Partner Program

1. Partner-friendly organization and team

2. Earn up to 30% revenue share on your deals

3. Demo and closure support provided

4. Co-marketing activities to generate leads

Why Partner with Cloud HR Console

Partnering with Cloud HR Console comes with its list of benefits that include being a part of the global cloud apps phenomena. You can help your customers achieve HR process automation, upsell or cross sell to your existing customers and maintain existing customer relationships. You can also acquire new customers and earn steady YoY revenues, enter new markets and expand your business. There’s also leveraging Cloud HR Console’s product innovations, easy of use, and excellent support to your network.

How to Partner?

If you have anything in common with the points mentioned before, you are an ideal partner for Cloud HR Console. Register in the form and a Partner Manager will get in touch with you shortly.

Ideal Partner Characteristics

1. Accounting software distributors.

2. Biometric and other attendance hardware.

3. Taxation and payroll consulting businesses,Software vendors or resellers.

4. IT consultants and Cloud application resellers or vendors.


Any organization or individual with a large network of end customers to whom you can leverage software solutions.

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