Full and Final Settlement Software

Comprehensive Full & Final settlement software for a smooth exit.

Full and Final Settlement Software

Full and final settlement process

Intelligent Calculation of F&F Payables

As you initiate the full and final settlement process for an employee, our salary software will automatically populate appropriate payroll amount along with receivables. Talk about full and final payment at the click of a button.

Full and final settlement letter

Final Settlement is no more a Nuisance

Cloud HR Console with its formula-based and automatic computing capabilities will compute as well as release the full and final settlement letter for employees in no time. Key payroll details such as bonus, payable amount against salary, leaves, gratuity, medical, etc. will be at your disposal in seconds.

Final settlement

Never miss important Recoverables

Every time an employee quits a company, some important recoveries are to be claimed before the exit. Cloud HR Console helps you determine and calculate all the recoverables for a smooth and error-free final settlement. A sigh of relief for most of the HR folks out there, isn’t it?

Employee full and final settlement

Enjoy a Smooth Full & Final Settlement

Our payroll software provides you with a comprehensive picture of the entire full and final settlement process for each employee going through an exit procedure. It offers information-rich full and final settlement letter summarizing the entire final settlement process.