Technology & Security

Customer Saftey is our priority

Technology & Security

We take technology and security very seriously. We’ve not left any stone unturned in ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

One of the primary pillars of our software is technology and security. We keep security on top of our priority list when designing and developing features. We know how sensitive the information of your company can be, and we treat it with utmost care. You can rest assured that your data and your company’s operations, are in safe hands.



Our software application run in parallel at two separate data centers. In the event of a problem at one location the system automatically switches to the second, ensuring your data remains available.

Server Security

Cloud HR Console and every piece of information on it, is hosted in an extremely secure and safe environment. Cloud HR Console is monitored 24×7 and carefully guarded with limited-authorized access, managed by world-class professionals. Our Cloud Servers meet the highest standards of safety, independently confirmed by the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV) according to ISO standard 27001:2013.


Firewall & Data Backup

Our state-of-the-art backup technology, coupled with a practically impenetrable firewall, will ensure that your information is at your disposal, irrespective of the circumstances. We store backups of your data in multiple locations and update the backup through the day, meaning you can easily recover accidentally deleted data.


Cloud Computing Data Security

All the Data which come to over data base is in Encrypted form and we use RSA, Triple DES and Random Number generator algorithms as an encrypting tool. Taking into account the services provided by us on cloud computing.Data stored in our Cloud Platform is encrypted at the storage level using either AES256 or AES128.


IPS/IDS & SIEM Technology

IPS and IDS build the first barrier in our security network to protect against unauthorized access. A holistic security, information and event management system(SIEM) detects and flags anomalies.

UPS power supply

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with emergency diesel generators and VRLA batteries at our Data Centers.

360 Gbit/s connectivity

Modern data centers with over 360 Gbit/s fiber connectivity, guaranteeing the fastest access times for your applications.


If you have any questions or doubts regarding this Security Services , please email us